2006 MensaKorea Admission Test
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Anyone living in Korea is welcome to take the test, whether a native or a foreigner. You do not need to know Korean in order to take the test! The test is figure-based and no knowledge of any language is assumed. If you're living far from Seoul, regional tests are available occasionally in several cities throughout Korea. Please look for a separate post on each regional test. You are still welcome to join the regular test session in Seoul, even if you live outside Seoul.


14:00 on 4th Saturday of each month except December.
Jan. 21(Sat): KOFST
Feb. 25(Sat): KOFST
Mar. 25(Sat): KOFST
Apr. 29(Sat): KOFST
May. 27(Sat): KOFST
Jun. 24(Sat): KOFST
Jul. 22(Sat): SNUE
Aug. 26(Sat): SNUE
Sep. 23(Sat): SNUE
Oct. 28(Sat): SNUE
Nov. 25(Sat): SNUE
Dec. : N/A(Mensa Korea Year-end Party)

* Jul. - Dec. 2006: SNUE ☞ Please see the map!
Liberal Arts Building #103(1F), Seoul National University of Education.

* Jan. - Jun. 2006: KOFST ☞ Please see the map!
International Conference Room #3 (B1), Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies.


Feb. 11(Sat) 14:00 At Kyungpook National University, Daegu
May. 13(Sat) 14:00 At Chosun National University, Gwangju
Jul. 29(Sat) 14:00 At Multi-Lang Insititute, Daegu
Aug. 12(Sat) 14:00 At Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Daejeon
Nov. 11(Sat) 14:00 At Pusan National University, Pusan


1) Please register by midnight two days before each regular test.
2) Send an e-mail in the following format:
▬ Title: Book for the test: (DD/MM/YY)
▬ Last Name:
▬ First Name:
▬ Gender:
▬ Nationality:
▬ Date of birth: (DD/MM/YY)
▬ ID number or Foreign registration number:
▬ Remittance of fee:
▬ Name of account holder:
▬ Current postal address:
▬ E-mail address:
▬ Tel/mobile:
3) Please address the e-mail to:
For Foreigner: [email protected] (Head of Test Committee, Hyoung S. Yoon)
For Korean: [email protected] (Secretariat, Hyemi Kim)
4) Registration Now!
▶▶ Registration Now!

1) You must be 14 or over.
2) If you're under 18, a written consent signed by parents is required.
3) Parents' consent should be submitted at the test location.

1) Testing fee: KRW 40,000
2) Bank account: CHB (조흥은행)
3) Account No.: 955-04-309663
4) Account holder: (Treasurer, Dong-Cheol Park) (박동철)
5) Refund or deferring till the next test is possible if notified one day before the test.
6) Refund or deferring is *NOT* allowed on or after the date of test.

1) Identification (foreign registration card, driver's license, passport, student ID, etc.)
Photographs must be attached.
2) Black ink pen
3) Parents' consent (if under 18)

Before the test 1 - Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the test, and turn off mobile phones during the test.
Before the test 2 - Do not open the seal of the test booklet before the supervisor instructs you so.
During the test 1 - Do not write or mark anything on the test booklet.
During the test 2 - Place your ID on the top-right space of the desk.
After the test 1 - You should not take any notes related to the test, on the question and answer sheets.
After the test 2 - Please follow the supervisor's instructions before leaving the test room.

6. TRANSPORTATION (Regular Test Only)
* Jul. - Dec. 2006: SNUE
1) Subway:
▬ Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education(Kyo-Dae station)
▬ Green Line 2 / Orange Line 3, exit #13, Go up to Nambu Bus Terminal.
2) Bus:
▬ Blue line: 144, 363 (get off at Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education)
▬ Green line: 3420, 4423 (get off at Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education)
3) Car:
▬ Not Available (Please take on public transportation)

* Jan. - Jun. 2006: KOFST
1) Subway:
▬Gangnam station ("Green" Line 2), exit #8. Up the hill toward Kukkiwon.
2) Bus:
▬ Blue line: 140,144,145,146,360,400,402,420,470,471,730 (get off at New York Bakery or City Cinema)
▬ Green line: 4312,4417,4420,4421,4422,4424,5412 (get off at New York Bakery or City Cinema)
▬ Red line: 1550,9100,9200,9300,9400,9404,9405,9406,9408,9410,9411,9412,9503,9700
3) Car:
▬ 2-hour free parking available (Please get a stamp on the parking ticket)

There is no responsibilty to join Mensa in order to acquire the Mensa tests and know your IQ.
However, most people do join and enjoy the something new and benefits that are available.
We always welcome anyone interested in Mensa test and activities.

Best regards,
Hyoung Sik Yoon
Head of Test Committee, MENSAKOREA
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